Tenure Extension: Group Backs IGP Adamu, Decries Bribery Allegation

Concerned Nigerian citizens under the auspices of the Southwest Development Frontiers (SWDF) have backed the tenure extension of the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu.

The group in a statement signed by it’s National coordinator, Mr. Olufemi Osabinu on Thursday also debunked a bribery allegation surrounding the extension by President Muhammadu Buhari, while adding that a research conducted revealed that the extension process was legitimate and in order.

The statement Reads:

“The attention of the leadership of the southwest development frontiers has been drawn to the unfortunate activities of disgruntled elements of our society that greeted the recent extension of the tenure of IGP Mohammed Adamu and as such result to unfounded allegations and character defamation.”

“The SWDF painstakingly conducts a thorough findings on the matter and confirm in clear terms that the tenure extension of the IGP by presidency after completion of his mandatory years in civil service was in order to search for a round peg in a round hole that will continue the ongoing reforms being introduced into Nigeria policing system by the patriotic outgoing IGP in line of duty.”

“At a time when the nation is at the verge of collapse, considering criminal activities increasing on daily basis, the Nigeria Police Force deserves being led by a thorough bred officer with the required training to enhance the total reform of the NPF as expected by the masses.”

“It will be recalled during the #EndSARS nationwide protests that threatened to capsize our unity as a nation,the outgoing IGP displayed a rare tendency uncommon to African democracies by advocating for tolerance on peaceful protesters from our policemen against the old order of intolerance to peaceful demonstration or protest,therefore paving way for more matured policing in the midst of public provocation.”

“It cannot equally be forgotten soon that this patriotic Inspector General equivocally called on the police nationwide to respect human rights and laws guiding sanity during the enforcement of COVID-19 regulations to stem the tide of the first wave of the pandemic last year.”

“Without mincing words, it will be unpatriotic for anyone to maliciously attack this patriotic service to the country with the intent to tarnish his proven integrity as an effective officer of repute.”

“The SWDF leadership refers to an unfounded allegation of 2 billion naira purportedly published by Sahara Reporters newspapers as bribe paid by the outgoing IGP to some persons at the Presidency in order to extend his tenure in office. This is highly ridiculous and frivolous while the existence of such allegation is debunked after a thorough investigation by our organisation.”

“The SWDF leadership throws its weight behind the intention of the Presidency to extend the tenure of a performing IGP with focus in order to look for a capable replacement that will continue the process of totally reforming the NPF in their bid to maximally protect the citizenry in matured manners exhibited in developed nations of the world.”

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