The Best Time To Start Having S£x After Childbirth

If you’ve recently given birth, resuming your intimate life may not be high on your priority list. You’ll feel fatigued as well as painful. Torn tissue or an episiotomy affect up to 90% of first-time mothers who deliver vaginally (a small cut).

Your wound will ache if you have a caesarean section. When it comes to when you’re ready for intimacy, it’s more of a personal choice than a medical one. Wait till some time, according to doctors and midwives. Women used to be given vaginal examinations at this point to assess healing, but research shown that the procedure was ineffective (the majority of women were fine), so it was discontinued.

When is the best time?

Despite the fact that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) claims that there is no set time for a woman to resume intimate activity after giving birth, Mayo Clinic recommend waiting four to six weeks. Whatever method you used to give birth, your body is recovering throughout this time.

An episiotomy or a healed vaginal or perineal tear may have occurred if you delivered delivery vaginally. If this is the case, engaging in intimate activity before four weeks following birth may put you at risk of contracting a vaginal infection.


There may be other advantages to waiting. Due to exhaustion and a loss of intimate desire, intimacy after a newborn might be unsatisfactory. According to a research published in the British Journal of General Practice in 2000, only 30 out of 78 first-time moms rated their intimate life as satisfactory eight months after giving birth, compared to 65 who did so before.

It’s important to remember that both the number and quality of intimacy may take some time to return to what was previously usual for you after having a baby.

If you and your spouse have tried to have intercourse but are still experiencing pain or other symptoms, make an appointment with your healthcare physician. They can examine you to make sure there aren’t any issues with your recovery, suggest strategies to relieve your discomfort, and look into other potential issues


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