The Rougher Tinubu’s Road, The More Assured His Victory

This is the first time I’m sharing this publicly.

I had said it in several private fora before now that my wish for APC presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is to continue to be assailed on every front by all manner of darts up till three days to the presidential election, to guarantee his victory at the February 25 presidential poll.

If he is left severely alone without fair and unfair accusation; if he’s not accused of being responsible for every woe afflicting every home: if he is not accused of being responsible for the impotency of this impotent man or the barrenness of that woman or the vacancy in the brain of the indolent, he may find it difficult to surmount odds.

I had long done a diligent study of the Tinubu persona and had been convinced beyond a doubt that the prayer made popular in his life time by the foremost educationist and founder of the unconventional Mayflower School, Ikenne in Ogun State, Dr Tai Solarin, must have been said by its author with Bola Tinubu in mind.


Solarin, the social engineer and critic, copied that prayer and wished every reader of his columns either in the Daily Times or the Nigerian Tribune at every Christmas: “May your road be rough!” He did explain those who objected to that prayer what he meant by it, but that explanation did not wash with many.


If anyone had studied Tinubu’s ascendancy from the very beginning, his trajectory is akin to the Yoruba true saying that “Ninu igbago ni mariwo ti n s’eso” (the lustrous palm fonds thrive within the squeezing of the many thorns on the apex of the palm tree).


That is Tinubu’s luck and there’s nothing he or anybody else can do about that. To attempt a reversal of that is to alter his destiny which, I’m convinced is un-alterable, because he is specially created for exploits.

Check what he went through to become Senator of the Federal Republic, the Governor of Lagos State up to when he became the last man standing among his peers and his uncommon achievements after leaving the governorship seat. The treachery and the perfidy he had endured!

Me? I can wager a bet on it: loathe or love him, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is set to sit pretty on this nation’s presidential throne, come the 25th of this month – the special and unique month of my birth!


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