Those Who Benefited From Freedom, Same People Killing Peaceful Protesters – Jude Imagwe Reacts To Leki Toll-Gate Arrest

Jude Imagwe, a former Senior Adviser on youth and student Affairs to former president Goodluck Jonathan has Condemn the arrest of peaceful Protesters instead of protecting lives of End SARS protesters.

Instagram Comedian, Macaroni and some #OccupyLekki protesters were arrested by the Nigeria police at the toll gate.

Recall that End SARS protesters had insisted on a protest after the Lagos judicial panel ordered reopening of Lekki toll gate despite no justice for those who lost lives in October 2020.

Reacting in a chat with AfemaiReporters, Imagwe said It is very unfortunate that those who benefited from freedom and right to protest are same people killing peaceful protesters today. What a nation

It’s not shame on them, it is rather shame on us as Citizens. A Government is said to behave to the level at which her Citizen tolerates them. They know the limit to which we can stand for each other, they understand we have weak institutions, so they weakened it further, they know they use things like religion, ethnicity, tribal colouration to split us, they know they have impoverished our people and with peanuts we can be divided, yes they know all this, yet we still do not know that,they use them each time we stand up for what is right and we fall for them. Oh my Country I hope someday, just One day we shall have a reflection of all we have done to each other in the name of selfishness and greed.

Take a moment, look at the Trump Second impeachment proceedings, there is no place for tribe, religion, and ethnic colourations what you see and feel is Country First, protection of institution. May God bless Nigeria. #ProjectCourage


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