Tonto Replaces Bobrisky With Another Crossdresser


Nollywood actress and philanthropist Tonto Dikeh sets to grow a new friendship with James Brown after dumping former bestie, Bobrisky.

Recall that Tonto and Bobrisky were once best friends but the duo had fallen out of their friendship, with Bobrisky throwing shades at her publicly on Instagram, over allegedly owing him over 5 million naira and also accused the actress of not paying her workers and living a fake life on social media. Bobrisky also is not on good terms with James Brown for reasons unknown but bob seems not to like any of his fellow crossdressers.


Crossdresser James Brown has been down with some undisclosed illness after a video of him receiving drips of water into his body surfaced on the internet.

Reacting to this, Tonto had reached out to him demanding his phone number and wishing him a quick recovery.

The actress said: “GET WELL SOON HONEY…….send me your number if that is ok with you imma a huge fan.”

The crossdresser seems very happy about this as he replied:

“thanks mami I just replied with my number”



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