Tony Kabaka Sold His Pride And Bows To The Pressure Of Hunger


27th December, 2021

The narrative of Esau selling his birthright to Jacob, in Genesis 25, states that Esau despised his birthright. However, it also alludes to Jacob being deceitful. In Esau’s mother and father’s eyes, the deception may have been deserved. Rebecca later abets Jacob in receiving his father’s blessing disguised as Esau.

It is true that times are generally hard in Nigeria at the moment, but the idea of a man of Tony Kabaka’s standing as a self acclaimed ” Lion” to have so cheaply fallen into the other camp like Samson did in the thigh of Delilah, and or Esau in the case of Jacob, goes to show that Kabaka has never been loyal.


How is the two bags of rice and the slim cow going to mitigate his sufferings? Where is the Comradeship?

Comrade Odion Alhassan,
Edo State.


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