Twist In Moyo Lawal’s S3x Tape Saga As New Tweet Emerges


In a surprising twist, to the sex tape saga engulfing controversial Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, an X account, @moyolawalofficial, purportedly belonging to her has emerged claiming that she was not the one in the tape.

“The lady in this clip is not me please stop spreading fake news. That’s not me please, stop spreading misinformation”

However, the assertion that Moyo Lawal was not the one in the sex tape has been dismissed as it was claimed to be a parody account as her known account is @moyolawal. had reported that Moyo Lawal in an Instagram post after the sex tape leaked was unfazed as she came out to promote a new film project. Her stance has, however, not settled well with many of her fans and foes.


Chris Collection “Blood of Jesus is this not Moyo Lawal? What was she thinking allowing a man to record her while having sex?

Wet “Why would you let a man record you while having s3x? Especially you knowing you’re a celebrity chai. Not even your husband sef, so how that man’s face just shows maybe he wants to be popular with the Moyo Lawal sex tape who knows

Bambam wrote, “Moyo Lawal you’re doing well

John Joshua, said, “All the celebrities have leaked their nudes for more publicity and connections that we don’t know about.”

Tina Omovo, wrote, “You celebrities are meant to be role models to your viewers (sic). You are the least person I expected that from.”

Erugo Blessing wrote, This picture should be captioned, ‘No leaked video can bring me down’.

Offering her words of encouragement, Sri George wrote, “Kindly do not let this disturb you. Instead, use it as a stepping stone towards higher possibilities.” reports that the raunchy actress has, however, been known for some controversial posts and some have now alleged that she may have done it on purpose.

Before this sex tape saga when Twitter changed its official name to X, Moyo Lawal made a post some saw as X-rated


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