Uromi Shutdown As Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe Visits To APC Leaders In Esan North East Turns Carnival

The town of Uromi came alive as Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe, a leading aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC), visited APC leaders in Esan North East. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and anticipation as Dr Umakhihe addressed the gathered party leaders.

Dr Umakhihe expressed his gratitude for the warm reception and emphasized the personal connection he had with the people of Uromi, as his wife is a native of the town. He humbly requested the support of the APC leaders in his bid to become the party’s candidate for the upcoming election.

Having served in several directorial positions in various sectors, Dr Umakhihe believes he has the capacity and experience to deliver for the people of Edo state. He highlighted his previous role as a permanent secretary under former president Muhammed Buhari, during which he successfully executed numerous projects across the state without making empty promises.

With aspirations to become the governor of Edo state, Dr Umakhihe shared his vision for the future. He pledged to prioritize the mechanization of agriculture and the provision of irrigation systems for farmers, as part of his agricultural revolution plan. Recognizing the water challenges faced by the people of Esan land, he promised to ensure access to clean and reliable water sources. Furthermore, he vowed to recruit teachers for public schools and develop essential infrastructure such as roads and health centers.

The response from the APC leaders was overwhelmingly positive. Barr Paul Oluwanbo, a prominent leader in the local government, welcomed Dr Umakhihe to Uromi and commended him for his impeccable record of service. He expressed confidence in Dr Umakhihe’s abilities and promised his unwavering support.

Another party leader, Alex Ojeaba, praised Dr Umakhihe’s past achievements as a permanent secretary and assured him of their full support in his quest to become the governor.

The local government party chairman, Mr Ivhagbemien, also spoke highly of Dr Umakhihe, noting his extensive experience both within and outside Nigeria. He commended him for his flawless reputation and pledged their complete support for his candidacy.

Dr Umakhihe was deeply touched by the warm reception and the overwhelming support from the APC leaders. He expressed his gratitude and reiterated his commitment to serving the people of Esan North East and Edo state as a whole. With the support of the APC leaders, Dr Afolabi Umakhihe’s visit to Uromi was indeed a joyful and promising event.

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