Wahala As Youths Protest Against Bobrisky In Benin [VIDEO]

Youths in Benin have staged a protest in the ancient city over the reported presence of controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky.

The outrage stemmed from a video in which Bobrisky made contentious remarks about the Oba of Benin, provoking widespread anger. In the video, the transgender personality commented on his appearance and made suggestive remarks about meeting the Oba of Benin, leading to accusations of disrespect and inappropriate behavior.

The swift and intense response from the local youths reflects their strong objection to Bobrisky’s presence in Edo. The protests erupted shortly after reports of Bobrisky fleeing to Benin State. In the face of the backlash, Bobrisky issued an apology, clarifying that the comments were meant as a joke and not intended to be taken seriously.

Watch video below;

As tensions escalated, it is reported that Bobrisky had to leave Benin urgently for safety reasons. This incident adds to the list of controversies involving Bobrisky, who recently commented on Jay Boogie’s BBL surgery complications. Bobrisky claimed to have undergone multiple BBL surgeries without issues, attributing his success to luxury services and highly qualified professionals..

These events underscore the polarizing nature of Bobrisky’s public persona, with his provocative comments and critiques of fellow celebrities consistently sparking intense reactions and public discourse

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