Watch: Married Woman Caught With Best Friend’s Husband In Hotel Room Days After Advising Her To Divorce Him


Information reaching the doors of indicates that a married woman (name withheld) has been caught red-handed in action at a hotel with her best friend’s husband on top of her as they enjoy themselves.

According to facts gathered by Jentle Edd of, this unfortunate incident happened days after the woman at the center of this story advised her friend to divorce her husband when she earlier suspected her husband is seeing another woman.

The wife of the infidel husband revealed that her best friend, who is also married with kids, once upon a time disclosed to her how she admires her best husband because of his physical looks.

Eventually, she started dating her best friend’s husband on the blind side of her friend.


According to reports, they arrange to meet at a hotel to enjoy themselves but unfortunately for them, another friend of her best friend saw them when they were heading to the hotel room and gave a hint to her best friend and that’s how they got caught.

Lo and behold, they were caught red-handed in action.

Watch the video below:



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