Ways To Make A Woman Think About You Nonstop


Guys, if you can control your mind, then you can control your body. The more you act as if you are not interested in women, the more you become so much attractive. Making a woman to think about you nonstop is a skill that every guy needs to have at hand. You have to do the opposite of what the highest percentage of the guys do, you need to stand up from the crowd and be different.

Women want a guy who treats them poorly and that is why most men never get into a long lasting relationship. What most guys do wrong is giving the women their attention and everything they (women) might be need of at a particular time. Go your way and do things your way if you want her to by your side always. Today, we prepared ways on how you can make a woman think about you nonstop, actually crave for you.

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Women wants to be controlled, as in, you need to be in control of her in order to have her by your side, something that most guys fail in. There is no way you can have a girl like you when you cannot control her. Here are ways on how you can have her think about you nonstop;

Be busier than she may think you are.

Where most guys mess up in their relationships, is the point on how to communicate with the lady. They think that chatting with the lady all through the day makes her like them more. It is never the way they want it to be because a woman doesn’t want an idle guy; they do crave for those guys who are always busy with their lives.

Chatting with a woman all day long is not wrong, what makes it wrong is that, she begins to see you as someone who has nothing to do. When she realize that you are always texting her, she will eventually start taking for granted, she cannot take you serious even if you are.



If you want her therefore, to start thinking about you nonstop, stop giving her your attention. Attention is like oxygen in women, they are always craving for it. The more you minimize it, the more you bring her closer.

Withholding your commitment

When the relationship is still in its early stage, it is always advised that you should avoid showing it that you are committed. Let her question herself as to why you are not playing your part in commitment.

The moment she starts asking herself this question that is the moment she will begin to think about you. She is going to be craving to know what you are up to with her.

The mistake that most guys do that they should stop is thinking that if they show their commitment, the lady loves them more. It is a mentality that is very misleading that every guy needs to stop as early as today.

Leave her texts unattended to or unread

Communication makes the better part of every relationship, meaning, there can never be a relationship when you two cannot communicate with each other.

A guy does texts a woman that is, the truth; it is only in rare cases where you will find a lady texting a guy first. It is high time every guy learned this, never be the first person to text her, unless you truly have an issue to pass across.

Let her be the first to text you and then do not rush into replying her; take your time before you can reply. By doing so you will win over her and she will be thinking about you nonstop.



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