Ways To Reduce Fuel Consumption In Your Car


Fuel in Nigeria has become a scarce commodity and the possibility of getting it after a long queue is not assured.

Many filling stations sell at exorbitant prices with a long queue of car owners and various users of the product.

With petrol and diesel prices constantly on the rise, it’s super important that you make the most out of every drop of fuel so that you can save yourself some money.


The fuel scarcity coupled with the scarcity of both the new and old naira notes has brought untold hardship on citizens, crippling economic activities across the country.

Consequently, protests have broken out in various states and cities across the federation, with citizens lamenting the twin scarcity and its impact on their businesses and everyday lives.

The PUNCH reported that the Group Chief Executive Officer, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited, Mele Kyari, has assured Nigerians that the lingering fuel scarcity will ease off next week.

He, however, said he could not assure that the queues at the fuel stations would disappear, adding that there would be a significant improvement in one week.

He said, “Now within the next one week, I’m not saying that you’re going to have zero queues within the next one week, no, because a number of things are out of our control, and of course, the market forces will determine some of these issues.

“But I believe that we’re going to see substantial and relative ease compared to today in the next one week.”

Below are some of the things to do to save fuel for your car during fuel scarcity.

Service and maintain your car

Ensuring that your vehicle is in tip-top mechanical shape is vital to ensuring that its fuel economy is as good as it can be.

Ensure your vehicle engine is serviced regularly and in line with manufacturer schedules. Using the correct parts, fluids and lubricants will make your vehicle work better and be more efficient than one that doesn’t. It’ll be more reliable too.

Maintain a smooth speed

When the lights turn green, don’t stamp on the accelerator and get up to speed as fast as physically possible.

One of the mistakes drivers make is they accelerate quickly and slam on the brake to go over the bump.

Do not speed fast and then slam on the brakes to go over the bump. Ensure you maintain a constant speed of 15 to 20 mph unless your car is particularly low or the bumps are exceptionally high.


As a general rule, anything that drains the car’s battery in any significant way is also a drain on your car’s fuel tank. This is because it uses the alternator to keep the battery charged, which is powered by the engine, which needs fuel to work.

Air conditioning is one of the things that increase your fuel consumption by up to seven per cent in town driving. At higher speeds, the effect is less noticeable, and using the air conditioning at highway speeds is more efficient than having the windows down because of the drag that’s created.

Do without additional weight

How heavy your car is also determines how much fuel it will consume.

An unnecessary muddle is a major culprit, but simply clearing out what’s in the backseat and the boot can have a positive impact as well.

Monitor Your Speed

Always ensure you monitor and keep in mind your level of speed. It is a safe practice and it can also benefit you in reducing your fuel consumption.

Motorists should adhere to speed limits at all times so they aren’t breaking the law, but saving money is another solid reason to do so.

Performance of your tyres

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No doubt, your tyres are one of the things that connect your vehicle to move.

Therefore, it is important to take its performance seriously.

Having your vehicle’s tires inflated to the correct pressures has a significant impact on your vehicle’s fuel economy.

Under-inflated tires can have a detrimental effect on your mpg by as much as 2.5 per cent.

It is important to know also that, the less time you spend braking and accelerating, the less fuel you’ll use.

Additional tips include proper use of your gears and turning off the engine when not in use.

As fuel scarcity lingers, you can save your fuel and also the number of times you visit the filling station to buy the product.



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