What Every Man Need To Know


Every woman deserve the best from his man, Read this carefully and start applying it to your daily life . Been it single or married

1. If you keep spending on a woman and she never asked you if you’re saving or investing, and she keeps enjoying the attention, don’t marry her.

2. A woman could be a good wife to you, some could be a good mother to your children but if you’ve found a woman like a mother to you, your children and your family, please don’t let her go.

3. You’re the head of the house, don’t look at your pocket; look if you will see a smile on your wife’s face.

4. If you want to have a long life, let your wife be in- charge of your salary, it will be difficult for her to spend it when she’s aware of the home needs and bills to pay but if it’s in your care, she will keep you asking even when all has been spent.


5. Don’t ever beat your woman, the pain in her body is nothing to be compared to the wound on her heart and that means you may be in trouble living with a wounded woman.

6. If you live a bachelor kind of life with your wife once you’re married, you will soon be single again.

7. Don’t be carried away when you start making more money, instead of
spending on those tiny legs that never knew how hard you worked to get it, spend it on that woman that stood by you all along.

8. Remember, once your wife changes there could be something you’ve stopped doing too.

9. Don’t compare your wife to any woman, there are ways she’s enduring you too and has she ever compared you to any man?

10. Don’t stop taking care of your Woman, Love & Respect her. Live happily



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