What Happens To The Body When You Drink Your Own Urine For Any Reason

There is this age long myth that drinking your own urine may have certain medicinal benefits. The conspiracy theorists believe that drinking your own urine can serve as a first aid to certain health problems and urine is still being used in some rural places to “cure” health problems.

But how true is this scientifically? Speaking as a scientific personality, it is totally out of place to try to use urine to cure any health condition. Reason being that urine is made up of salt and waste products that have been filtered out of the blood stream by the kidneys. A person’s urine is acidic and as such, not needed by the body thus it’s removal in the first instance but if you ever for whatever reason drink urine, it means you are trying to harm yourself. Below are some things that may happen to the body when you drink your own urine.

What Happens To The Body when You Drink Your Own Urine?

First and foremost, having known that urine is the body’s waste product, drinking urine means reintroducing these waste materials into your body thus multiplying whatever problem you may be dealing with.


Secondly, drinking urine when you are dead thirsty with no water in sight to drink may sound perfect in the ears of many but it’s even more unhealthy. In the sense that, the kidneys need enough water to get rid of salt or to break down salt, but if you take urine that is made up of salt and other waste materials filtered out by same kidneys, you would only be worsening your dehydration.

Thirdly, drinking urine may introduce certain health problems for you. This is because of the nature of urine and the fact that it has passed through the waste organs of the body. Gulping urine whether yours or another person’s own for any reason may introduce strange bacteria into your body and cause health problems.

So discard such myth, urine should not be taken for any reason. It doesn’t cure any health problem scientifically. Thanks, share and follow the handle for more updates on health


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