Why Edo People Will Write Letters Of Apology To Chief Lucky Igbinedion At The End Of Governor Obaseki’s Failed Govt – Analysis

“In Edo State, the handful of infrastructural development you see here and there in recent times in all the three senatorial districts are mostly done by the National Assembly members either under their Constituency Projects or personal interventions as not to incure the wrought of voters who they mostly come back to secure their votes for more terms in office.

The likes of Rt. Hon. Ogbiede-Ihama Ihama, Hon. Seguis Ogun, Hon. Edionwele…nothing much of the government is seen in these regards as it peddles propaganda of one digital this, digital that, hub this hub that, MOUs, I will, we plan to, creative this and that…all situated in the realms of visual abstracts like poems when the very pressing issues of roads, schools, healthcare, security are left unattended to.

Even when the Vice President, Prof. Osinbajo came to Edo South, unlike Governor Wike, Godwin Obaseki had nothing significant like a single Signature Project to commission. What he did, like the Gelegele Seaport and Industrial Park that will never see tomorrow, was to lead the Vice President to commission yet another Black Elephant project that will be stuck in nothingness in the name of Tech Hub or one of those his numerous acronyms meant to deceive the general public outside Edo State just like major newspapers celebrated the MOU Gelegele Seaport and the Edo Industrial Park that he said would revolutionarize the entire country as a hypeman.

“Now, instead of performance, what Governor Godwin Obaseki does is to recruit some social media urchins through some surrogates through the instrumentality of orchestrated deceit through Osagie Crusoe to pay them later which he never does. Their job is for some good writers within their ranks and the media consultancy company Obaseki brought in from Lagos called Redwire or Redtape(some phoney companies) to help develop contents then make them share and forward on social media platforms. Although most of them that have not been paid have since retired, some still hope they will be paid this year so they are charmed to the poisoned chalice of their deceit which is fast fading.


“Obaseki does not give a damn or hoot about development in Edo State; check even Benin or GRA, its dirty, filthy and without roads. His soul duty today with the help of the likes of his Chief of Staff and his Commissioner for Justice is to see that PDP in Edo State is destroyed even when it is being resisted in court by the Party’s leaders. Of course the CoS got his appointment through thuggery so he can’t stop.

And the Commissioner for Justice, Oluwole Iyamu, SAN, a half Benin, half Lagosian, and a not-known politician, is doing all these damages for the sake of finance. He is the one to recruiting lawyers for the Governor in all these their useless cases they never win and pockets parts of the payment because as soon as this their term is over, he will need to go back to Lagos. And for the Dishonourable Osaigbovo Iyoha, a well established thug, he knows his political lifespan in Edo South is coming to an end soon so he is battling to scuttle the process of PDP choosing her candidates legally by constituting illegal excos just like the Jujuman, Adjoto, the half Kogi State man, is doing in Edo North.

“The truth is, PDP is undeterred by these jokers who know they are faced with the sad prospect of failure and miseries of early political retirements.” It’s obvious that Edo people will write letters of apology to Chief Lucky Igbinedion who they earlier described as the worst Governor who ever governed the state.


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