Why Edo Youths Must Do Away With The Spirit Of Envy, Jealousy And Pull Down Syndrome

It has become pertinent for me to put this advise forward owing to the perceived pending danger in future for the Edo youths if they continue in the attitude of hating, envying or the pull down disposition they currently practise for no just reason.

This was further brought to the fore recently in the massive give away and support for indigent persons by our youths, however, I also noticed the spirit of competition, condemnation in the process.


Must we introduce competition in something we do for a better society? Of what use is competition when you are spending your personal funds or support from others and spending your time as well?

What is actually wrong with our youths that instead of coming together for one cause they are rather pushing for who is doing it best and seeking for self recognition. Some of you are destroying the image of others because you want to be noticed as the best in doing give away to indigent persons in the society.


Is this how you intend to displace the current crop of political leaders who have secured a future for themselves and their families outside the country.

Most of you will not go far with such attitude of unnecessary competition, rivalry, character assassination and all what not. Do away with all such spirits if you must make collective progress in the leadership space of the state. Edo youths should support and encourage themselves. Celebrate each other’s successes and strength.

Leftist Osazee Edigin AICMC writing from Use community in Egor Local Government Area.


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