Why I Enjoy Being The Last Born – Davido Recounts Childhood Experience

Nigerian Afrobeats singer, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has revealed that he enjoys being the last born of his family.

Davido disclosed this during a recent interview with Jazzy’s World TV.


The singer recalled how being the last born, at first, didn’t make his other family members take him seriously.

He, however, stated that the attention started coming when his music attracted popularity.


On why he enjoys being the last born, he said his siblings always have his back when he gets into trouble.


Davido said; “When I wanted to do music, imagine being the last born of the family. I’m like, yo I want to do music. I’m going to be a superstar one day.

“Imagine trying to influence everybody in a family [where] you are the last born. Nobody took me serious. You feel me?

“But as I got older, they looked and they saw that, yo he is really good in this. And then finally, they let me do what I want to do. But being the last born, I love it. If I had a challenge, my older siblings, they will be at my back for real.”

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