Why I Impregn@ted My Wife’s Younger Sister’


A man from Lusaka, Zambia, Jackson Changwe, 48, has admitted to the court that, yes indeed, it was he who had fathered three children with his wife and also impregnated her sister.

Asked why he was sleeping with the two sisters, Jackson claimed that it was because his wife always deserted their home whenever they had a quarrel hence his appointing her younger sister to act in her capacity as wife until she cools down and returns home.

According to Zambia Observer, Jackson also said he had been allowed by his father-in-law to sleep with his wife’s younger sister.


However, his wife Mirriam Namutowe, claimed that Jackson was a womaniser.

She claimed that for years, he had lied to her that he worked in Namibia, yet, he did not have an ordinary passport size photo and used the so-called Namibia trips to visit other women.

Challenged with this fact, Jackson begged for the court not to dissolve his marriage claiming he will stop sleeping with the now-pregnant sister in law.

His pleas were not enough as the court dissolved their marriage and ordered him to pay his wife K12,000 in K500 installments.



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