Why I Won’t Go After My Distractor — Governor Sule

Governor Abdullahi Sule has asserted that, as a Muslim leader, he will not pursue punitive actions against those opposing him in the state. During a Thursday meeting with the executive members of the Tsangaya Quranic Reciters, led by HRH Alhaji Ahmadu Al-Makura, at the Government House in Lafia, Governor Sule expressed his commitment to Islamic principles regarding leadership responsibilities.

Despite calls for stringent measures against detractors and opposition members who openly prayed for his downfall, Governor Sule emphasized his adherence to Islam’s teachings on the responsibilities of a leader. He stated, “I am aware of the immense responsibility bestowed on a leader by Islam, and I am willing to accommodate their attitudes.”

Governor Sule cited a specific incident where a purported cultist within the state headquarters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) openly prayed for harm to befall him. Instead of seeking vengeance, the governor emphasized the importance of tolerance, in line with his religious beliefs.

Addressing the Quranic Reciters Association, Governor Sule urged them to include members of the opposition in their prayers, promoting understanding and peaceful coexistence.

Expressing gratitude for the association’s concern and prayers during his Court of Appeal case, Governor Sule called on them to continue praying for peaceful coexistence in the state, even after the Supreme Court’s judgment.

The leader of the delegation and Sangarin Kwandere, HRH Ahmadu Al-Makura, revealed that the group decided to host a series of prayers to protect the interests of the state’s people.

Following the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the sack of Governor Sule, protests by PDP members, insisting on their candidate David Ombugadu as the rightful winner of the gubernatorial election, have ensued.

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