Why MohBad Was Hastily Buried – Father Breaks Silence

Joseph Aloba, father of late singer MohBad, has opened up on why the superstar was hastily buried.

Many fans had lamented that Mohbad’s burial site, next to a cassava farm, was unsuitable for a celebrity.

Mohbad’s father explained why his son was hastily buried via a video that was uploaded by @temilolasobola on Instagram.

The singer’s father claimed that because the corpse was young when it died, in Yoruba land, it could not be kept for very long.

He added if MohBad had been older, he might have thought about keeping his body in the morgue for longer.

In his words: “In Yoruba land, his corpse is not the kind to be kept when both of his parents are still alive. Assuming he died at an older age, we might have considered putting his body in the mortuary and taking it at a later date. That same night we took him away from there and buried him where we did.”

According to MohBad’s dad where his son was buried was the only land he knew that belonged to the singer.

He explained that even though his son had given him the land to build his church, he decided to bury him there since he did not know him owning any other land.

He said: “That land where Mohbad was buried is his only land, that’s the only land I know him to have owned. Truly he gave me the land to build my church because we had both agreed to build the church there, and since that’s the only land I knew him to have”.


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