‘Why Nigerians Will Vote Tinubu Despite Naira, Fuel Scarcities


The All Progressives Congress, (APC) Northwest youth leader Abdulhamid Mohammed Oscar has said that Nigerians will vote the presidential candidate of his party, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu despite the scarcities of naira and fuel.

He said Nigerians clearly understood that the sudden scarcity of currency and fuel was masterminded by some people around president Muhamadu Buhari and the main opposition party, who wanted to prevent APC from coasting to victory in the upcoming general elections.


According to him, at this point Nigerians have become wiser and understand the politics being played to prevent them from electing who is capable of fixing the country and, they will vote Tinubu without money and fuel.

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Oscar, in a statement, said: “Despite all the plots against Tinubu, I am confident that Nigerians across the 36 states will vote candidates based on past their past performance and Tinubu is the best among them. His resume speaks for him. He will surely replicate what he did in Lagos and therefore, this will be an automatic win for him.”

He explained: “The crises currently experienced by Nigerians “was intentionally designed at this time to cause a major disruption in the lives of people, to bring commercial transaction to a halt, in order to pitch people against APC.

“They know that they cannot defeat Tinubu now, so they are devising a plan to provole voters, so they keep protesting and then keep blaming our party. We know there are PDP memebers in the Aso-rock engineering all this.


“How can the CBN, commercial Banks, petrol marketers inflict untold hardship on Nigerians all at the same time. For the records, the CBN had the opportunity to swap currencies even before now and they are now even going against their own laws to set a sudden deadline for old Naira notes in just less than one months to elections.”


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