Why Nobody Cares About What You’re Going Through – Uzee Usman

Actor Uzee Usman has shared his frustration and disappointment over betrayals from close allies.

In a heartfelt post, he lamented that people are often driven by selfish interests, and lack genuine care for others.

He expressed that even trusted confidants can turn out to be betrayers, exploiting personal struggles for their gain.

Usman noted that during challenging times, one often suffers alone, with others merely pretending to show concern.

He questioned the sincerity of those who claim to care, asking his followers if they truly do.

He wrote on X: “In the end, nobody cares. Whatever you’re going through, you’re on your own. If you talk to someone, they exploit your problems. If you don’t, you suffer in silence. People pretend to care, but they really don’t. Do you?”


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