Why Non-members Cannot Preach In Our Parishes – RCCG Clarifies

The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has explained why a directive was given that non-members of the church should not be allowed to preach in its parishes.

A memo hit social media on Monday, January 8, titled, “Invitation of Guest Ministers in RCCG,” dated January 5, 2024, prohibiting non-members from preaching across the units of the church.

The memo was signed by the special assistant to the General Overseer on administration, Pastor Oladele Balogun, stating that “no external preacher, speaker or minister should be permitted on any of our altars or platforms.”

The memo was directed to all Continental Overseers, Deputy Continental Overseers, Assistant Continental Overseers, and Pastors in charge of Regions/Provinces worldwide.

It read: “We refer to our memo dated 14th December, 2023 with Ref: RCCG/ADM/OAB/JP/MEMO/14/12/2023 on the above subject matter, and wish to inform you that the General Overseer (Pastor Enoch Adeboye) has issued a further directive that no external preacher, speaker or minister should be permitted on any of our altars or platforms.

“Anyone intending to invite a guest minister, speaker or preacher to their parish must ensure that the individual is a recognised member of the RCCG.”

The memo also warned that any minister who violated the directive would face “severe disciplinary measures” and may be relieved of their ministerial duties in the Mission.

However, explaining the memo on Monday, the RCCG Head of Media and Public Relations, Pastor Olaitan Olubiyi, said the directive was an internal document to make sure that the doctrines of the church are strictly adhered to.

He added that it was not a total ban but a guideline to ensure approvals were gotten before external members were invited.

Olubiyi said: “It’s supposed to be an internal document. And it’s not a ban per se, it’s just a kind of rule or guideline. What the church is saying is that before any of our branches invite a preacher from another church or another ministry, clearance should be sought.”

“Don’t forget that as a church, we have our doctrines, we have our beliefs, we have our practices, and we have to be sure that if anybody outside the fold is coming to preach in any of our places, the authorities have to approve and to be sure that the person flows along with our doctrine and our beliefs.

“So it’s more of the standard maintenance of (the church).”

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