Why Prince Odi Okojie Remains The People’s Choice For Esan South-East/Esan North-East Federal Constituency

His intrepidity fighting to shape nd reshape the atmosphere for good and proper representation, progress, unity and peaceful co-existence are evidence in his actions.

Prince Odi Okojie is a Party loyalist to the core. He has never carpet crossed to another from the inception of his Political sojourn. He is not an ingrate even at the face of trials, he didn’t carpet-crossed. He sacrificed his personal goal for the Party when he when he continues to preach APC to his people.

It is time for the good people of Esan to send a sound, vibrant, vigorous, humanitarian, Charismatic, dogmatic, pragmatic and competent Leader like Hon Prince Odi Okojie to the green chambers, Esan deserve the best representation.

So far so good, Prince Odi has been endorsed by majority, preach Odi to the people as good news, support Odi, nominate Odi and vote Prince Odi

Nominate and vote for Prince Odi as House of Representatives, Esan Federal constituency.



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