Why You Should Get Your Girlfriend Pregnant Before Marriage – Man Pens Controversial Advice

Twitter user advocates for pregnancy before marriage as he points out controversial claims about the lifestyle of some women.

According to a user simply identified as BenX on the micro-blogging platform, some women consume contraceptive pills too often that it puts a strain on their chances of getting pregnant.
Why you should get your girlfriend pregnant before marriage – Man pens controversial advice

Adding to his point, Ben emphasized the need to have a lady pregnant for at least one-month old before making a move for marriage.

“Unpopular opinion. Before you take your kinsmen to see your girlfriend’s parents, ensure she is at least 1 month pregnant. These people take Postinor like it’s panadol.


I don’t want to talk about the abortions cos it’s their body, their rights. It is very possible that you might have difficulty getting a woman pregnant.

Don’t increase the probability of infertility by marrying a Postinor vendor. Polygamy will not solve this problem. If one of your wives does not have a child, you will die before your time!” he wrote.


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