Why Your Partner Can Love You And Still Cheat On You


Many people believe that a partner who loves them won’t cheat on them, but that isn’t true.

A person who loves you can cheat on you. If you look up love and loyalty in the dictionary, you will see that they have different meanings.

Love is defined as “an intense feeling of deep affection,” while loyalty is “a strong feeling of support or allegiance.” They are not synonyms for each other. The society we live in today makes cheating easier. Here’s how:

People spend their singleness sleeping around and find it difficult to settle down
Before, sex was sacred and was to be reserved for marriage, but now many people spend their singleness pursuing sex with different people. The desire doesn’t get magically removed upon marriage (without serious self-control).


Many people are out of practice with exercising restraint; they have spent years of their lives jumping in bed with different people, and they realise that when they get married, the only thing that has changed is that they have a permanent house guest.

Sex has been separated from love
If you have been single for a long time, you will realise that many people have sex with people they have no atom of feelings for. People can sleep with people they don’t even like. They can sleep with someone and never call them back again.

So many people love their spouses but want to keep having no-strings-attached sex with people they have no romantic feelings for. They say, “It’s just sex, I don’t love them.”

Social media makes hooking up easyL

From Instagram to Snapchat to Twitter to WhatsApp, men and women, even married ones and those in relationships, are busy looking at sexy pictures of other people, chatting with them constantly, and developing feelings for these people.

Plus, people can send racy videos and even have sexually charged conversations with others while being married or dating. Some of them keep restricted to their phone, but in most cases, they organise a physical meet-up to engage in their fantasies.

People lack contentment and self-control
Having a partner can get boring and less exciting. You might get tired of them and start to crave attention from others, but that doesn’t mean you want to lose them. So, you have other flings outside them to fill up your need for excitement. This all stems from a lack of contentment and self-control. Love doesn’t automatically stop people from cheating, self control does.


Long distance

Long-distance marriages and relationships are not easy. The fact that you miss your partner might make you seek others to fill in the ‘gap’. Even though you love them, you feel lonely and crave human touch.

In conclusion, cheating is a betrayal of trust but it’s not the absence of love


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