Woman Who Lost Quintuplets Due To Unavailability Of Incubator In Edo Hospital Recieves Succor

Mrs Omosefe Osarumese, the woman who lost first set of quintuplets in Igbanke have received some succor from a philanthropic group Daman Foundation.

The group led by its director Mr. Sunday Ngegu who visited the woman and her husband donated an undisclosed amount of cash to her as well as food and household items to ease her suffering.

Mrs Omosefe Osarumese had in December 2020 fell a victim to bad governance when she lost five of her babies owing to unavailability of incubator at Igbanke General Hospital where she gave birth.

The maintenance of Igbanke General Hospital like many General Hospitals were abandoned by the present administration of Edo State.

The State Government instead of continuing the servicing of existing hospitals and employing more doctors and nurses for them had initiated a the Edo Health Improvement Program (EdoHIP) with 50 pilot schemes. The project however failed.

Orhionmwon local government area half the size of Anambra State is serviced by only one government medical doctor with the government hospitals lacking basic amenities like drugs, power and medical equipments and facilities.


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