”You Dey Deceive Yourself” – Twitter User Hints That 15k Is Not Enough To Take A Girl Out For A ”Proper Outing

A young man on Twitter with the handle @didiafrika recently gave an opinion on what a guy should budget if he wants to ask a girl out for a date.

According to Didi, N15K is not enough if the guy is really serious about taking the girl out and he would be deceiving himself if he thinks otherwise.

The young man’s tweet reads ;

You want to take a girl out and you budget 15k? I mean, like a proper outing? Omo, You dey deceive yourself.

By the time transport don collect 5k, you’ll understand

Below are some comments that trailed the Tweet ;

Barbillon wrote ;

15k???…took this babe swimming and went to eat ice cream when coming back, i didn’t spend 10k including transport…No be by force to carry Uber or Taxify, flew bike to and fro…so wym by a proper date?


Rahl wrote ;

So out of my 16k salary. 15k never still do

Fisayo wrote ;
Truth be told, in places like Lagos and Abuja, for a proper date, 15k is not enough fr. unless Movie dates.

Victor wrote ;

If you have a car 15k is okay and enough and if you don’t own a car a close restaurant will do it.
In a nutshell no go dey do pass yourself or else you go wash plate



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