Yul Edochie Issues Strong Warning Against Further Insults On Tinubu


In an interview with White Pearl Studios TV, controversial actor Yul Edochie delivered a stern warning to Nigerians, emphasizing two individuals he holds dear and will not tolerate being insulted in his presence.

The actor, who has faced criticism for his decision to take a second wife, addressed personal matters while shedding light on his unapologetic support for political figure Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Yul Edochie, known for his candid expressions, asserted his stance as an “Asiwaju Boy” and expressed unwavering support for Bola Tinubu. In a prior declaration, he had affirmed his belief in Tinubu’s potential to lead and transform the country’s economy.

During the interview, Yul Edochie underscored the importance of respect, setting clear boundaries on sensitive aspects of his life. He sent a firm warning against insults directed at the two significant figures he cherishes, marking a line that he expects others to respect.

While speaking in the interview, he stressed that there are only two people he cannot stand people dragging in his presence: his father and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


His words …

“Only two people must not be dragged in my presence: my father and President Bola Tinubu.”


As the actor navigates the public eye with his personal choices and political affiliations, his strong message reflects a commitment to maintaining dignity and shielding those close to him from unwarranted attacks. Yul Edochie’s unwavering support for Bola Tinubu remains a noteworthy aspect of his public persona, sparking discussions on the intersection of personal beliefs and public scrutiny

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