2027: Apapa’s Faction Of Labour Vows To Sabotage Merger With PDP, NNPP


The Lamidi Apapa faction of Labour Party (LP) has unequivocally distanced itself from any proposed merger with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and New Nigeria’s People’s Party (NNPP), refuting claims made by Prof. Pat Utomi.

The faction’s National Publicity Secretary, Abayomi Arabambi, cautioned PDP’s 2023 Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, urging him to exercise caution regarding any merger discussions involving the LP.

Arabambi, while addressing newsmen in Abeokuta, emphasized that the LP’s leadership had not sanctioned any engagement in merger talks with PDP and NNPP. He warned against involvement in illegal merger discussions with political parties and expressed concern about the influence of PDP political mercenaries within the LP.


He specifically pointed fingers at Prof Pat Utomi, referring to him as a “PDP political mercenary” wearing the LP mask. Arabambi declared the LP’s intent to resist any fraudulent merchandise merger orchestrated by PDP-affiliated figures such as Peter Obi, Abure, and their cohorts, aimed at using LP as a vehicle for the 2027 presidency for the PDP.

Simultaneously, the Labour Party called for financial transparency by demanding the publication of its audited statement of account. Arabambi responded to statements from Akin Oshintokun, the Director-General of Peter Obi Presidential Campaign Committee, expressing concerns about the Party’s inability to pay for various political engagements due to a lack of funds.

Contrary to Oshintokun’s claims, Arabambi asserted that the LP operated with utmost financial transparency during the last election, incurring no debts at any level. He insisted that no candidates benefited financially from the Presidential Campaign Council, and no mobilization funds were allocated to states for the election. Arabambi also highlighted that the National Working Committee’s expenses were covered by collective member contributions, with only members from Igbo land receiving vehicles donated by Innoson motors.

In closing, Arabambi called on Peter Obi to seek forgiveness from the nation’s judiciary for what he deemed as wrongful accusations of bias in their judgments. The Labour Party’s stance emphasizes its commitment to financial accountability and resistance against any external influence jeopardizing its integrity


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