3 Reasons Why Women Put On Weight After Marriage

Why do women gain weight after marriage? The answers are not far-fetched.

While growing up, my mum would always tell me, “When you get married, you’ll be so fat!”. I hated it so much and wondered why she used to say that. “I can never get fat!” is my usual reply.

But this saying and this scenario are not completely alien to many of us. I’m sure we can attest to the fact that many Nigerian women tend to ‘let themselves go’ and put on so much weight after marriage.

This is accepted by society and regarded as a good sign anyway. People feel that when a woman is putting on weight, it simply means her husband takes good care of her.

But is that completely true?


One of the reasons why women gain weight after marriage is because,

They get comfortable

When women get married, they have this sense of emotional security and comfort that can lead to changes in their lifestyle. There’s the honeymoon phase, Netflix and lots of chills, the cosy evenings, and the food binge. These sweet moments of togetherness and comfort can contribute to weight gain.

On the mental side of things, being in a tied relationship triggers a major emotional shift that alters the chemistry of the brain. These feelings can release the oxytocin hormone (the love hormone), which contributes to weight hoarding.

Basically, you get loved up and ‘weigh up’.


Before getting married, you probably prioritised taking care of yourself, maybe hitting the gym consistently. But now, your priorities shift. You’re only focusing on celebrating your new life and all the sweetness it brings. The hours you once spent at the gym are now replaced with hours in the kitchen. So, it’s not rocket science that a few extra pounds find their way in.

Another important reason is,

New life, new priorities

Aside from the bliss, marriage simply means more responsibilities. From running a household to starting a family, getting pregnant, and raising children, your focus can easily shift away from personal health. The demands of family can leave little time for self-care activities like exercise or weight management.

If you happen to have difficult in-laws, which is not uncommon in Nigeria, that just means more stress and additional responsibilities. These lifestyle changes can lead to weight gain.


For the final point, let’s talk about something really important,


After the wedding, many couples decide to take the next big step and become parents. Bringing a little one into the world is incredibly beautiful but it’s also the easiest way a woman gains weight. As we all know, pregnancy comes with a lot of significant bodily changes.

During pregnancy, a woman’s appetite might increase, and those food cravings can sometimes be hard to resist. She’s carrying a whole human being in her belly so you don’t expect her diet to remain the same. It changes because, as they always say, “she’s eating for two.”

And then there’s the fact that as the pregnancy progresses, moving around and exercising can become very challenging. All that extra weight can make physical activities very difficult. So, it’s no surprise that some women gain weight during this time and may not shed it post-pregnancy.

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