4 Disgusting Thing Men Say During Sex

Getting romantic vocal in the bedroom can ignite sexual passion or stifle the flame. Dirty talk during sex is so powerful, it builds sexual tension or quench it. It is thus somewhat vital in a relationship during love making. A little dirty talk is perfectly nice and healthy except when you don’t quite hit the right spot.

This article will talk about some of the words most women do not like during sex, one might think words coming out of his mouth during this passionate moment are true and right, but are annoying and so wrong, some of this phrases include;

1. Do you love me?

Any man who makes such statement should be beaten, what the hell; you are inside me what am I supposed to say, maybe pushing you the hell off me will give you a better answer.


2. That’s it oh yeah

I will die laughing if my man will ever say a thing as such. Saying this actually is when at the highest peak of passion.

3. Are you Cumming

Oh my God, that shouldn’t be said, oh well does it matter to a woman; what if she isn’t what’s then?

4. How does that feels

Even if I don’t feel good I’ll still say I feel good because I do not want to quench the flame of passion


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