Why Some Women Have Dimples In Their Lower Back Region

Dimple is a shallow hole that appears on the body of some people. It could be found on the cheek, elbow and lower back region. The one that appears on the lower back is medically called Sacral Dimple. It is situated near the buttocks and often appears on both sides of the lower back region.

This dimple appears in most people from birth and do not cause any health issues.

Sacral dimple appears as a shallow hole in the lower back and it’s end can easily be seen.

In the world of beauty, this dimple is called Dimples of Venus because it is believed to represent the goddess of beauty. They are more common in female.


The Dimples often occur at the point where the pelvis and spine meet. A short ligament attaches itself to the superior iliac spine outside the edge of the iliac bones and joins with the skin. This causes the area around there to have Dimples. This feature is said to be a dominant genetic trait and appears on both side of the lower back.


Back dimple cannot be made to appear through exercise but reducing weight might cause it to be prominent.

Sometimes the appearance of dimples on the lower back could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition especially if it is on one side of the lower back. It is caused by the following Medical Conditions;

1) Spina bifida which is a condition in which the spine does not close up completely but the spinal cord remains in the spinal area.

2) Tethered cord Syndrome which is associated with the attachment of the spinal cord to the spinal cavity.

It is pertinent to note that lower back dimples is caused by a short ligament that connects the pelvis to the skin. No known Medical condition is attached to it but it is being considered as a sign of beauty in women


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