6 Helpful Ways to Deal with a Shy Girlfriend or Wife

Being married or romantically engaged to a shy lady can sometimes be exciting, but has its challenges which include; social withdrawal, lacking self-confidence and equally being taken advantage of by people.

Research has shown that most shy people today are simply the way they are because of their negative experiences which could be traced to parental upbringing, mental abuse or sexual molestation from family members or friends, body deformity and just to mention but a few.

Being shy has several limitations that is the more reason concerned persons should make it a duty to remove themselves from the shackles of shyness. As an individual who is probably engaged to a shy person, here are some suggestive ways to help the person deal with it. See them below.

1. Engage her in a long discussion about things she’s passionate about.


It is a common myth that shy people don’t talk much. But the truth is that; they are great conversationalists but only with people they are comfortable with. Engaging your shy girlfriend in a conversation where she is meant to speak and express herself wholeheartedly about her passion and things that make her happy will gradually remove her from the circle of shyness – at least with you.

2. Take her out on a date to quiet and romantic places.

On like most extroverts, shy people like to be in calm and quiet places with few persons around. Planning a romantic date with your woman to places that have a calm and less crowded atmosphere will make her feel more relaxed and enthusiastic and it will equally make her love you more.

3. Never make fun of her shyness.

If your woman is shy, she probably knows it, hence; she doesn’t want you to remind her of it. Making fun of her shyness will make her feel vulnerable and weak, which might be detrimental to her self confidence. Believe me, your shy girlfriend wants you to support her and help protect her emotions and not to do things that might expose her vulnerability.


4. Encourage her to overcome past traumatic experiences.

Like I earlier exclaimed, most cases of shyness can be traced to negative experiences in the past, that is the more reason you should be affectionate towards your shy girlfriend. If you notice your woman’s case of shyness is a result of a negative past, it then becomes important to encourage and help her past through the trauma by showing maximum care and love.

5. Compliment her always.

A compliment is an instrument that can be used to boost a person’s level of confidence significantly. Complimenting your woman’s fashion and equally her actions, most especially the one’s that shows bravery will greatly improve her confidence level and character as well.

6. Take her on a double date with your friends.

The idea behind this practice is to help elevate her consciousness by socialising with other people. Take her out on a date with friends who are extroverts and active communicators. The reason for this is to expose her to people who are different from her style of communication and will also help to remove her from her comfort zone of quietness. Doing this regularly will improve her social life and level of interaction significantly


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