6 Reasons Why You Should Drink Okra Water Early In The Morning

Okra is also known as lady finger. It is a vegetable that originated from Ethiopia and it is known to have many health benefits because it contains nutrients like vitamin C, fiber and folic acid.

However, one of the ways to maximize the nutrients in okra is by drinking okra water. Okra water is made by soaking okra in water for 24 hours. This water should be taken early in the morning because it has the following health benefits.

1) It can treat diabetes: Diabetes occurs when the body finds it difficult to produce insulin or to use the insulin it produces as a result of the high sugar level in the blood. Okra is known to have insulin-like properties which are known to reduce the sugar level in the blood, thereby controlling diabetes.



2) It treats sore throat and cough: Sore throat and cough cause so much discomfort to a person. However, okra contains antibacterial properties and that can be used to treat sore throat and cough.


3) It boosts the immune system: The immune system fights bacteria and diseases in the body. Okra water contains essential nutrients like vitamin C and antioxidants that can boost the immune system of a person.


4) It treats diarrhea: A person who has diarrhea will have frequent and watery bowel movement and this can make such a person to be dehydrated. However, okra water can help to replenish this lost water and other nutrients in the body.

5) It relieves constipation: Okra contains fiber and this is why okra water serves as a laxative and can help ease bowel movements thereby preventing constipation.


6) It treats Anemia: Okra contains vitamins and minerals like magnesium which helps to increase the production of red blood cells in the body, thereby preventing and treating anemia.




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