If You Want To Live Long, Stop Taking Excess Of These 7 Things, There Harm Your Kidney

The kidney is a very vital organ of the body that helps the body to get rid of waste as urine. The kidney also does the filtration of the blood before sending it back to the heart.

The kidney contains a million nephrons which does the metabolizing of the nutrients and pass out waste products through the blood it filters. The kidney has different parts like the renal corpuscle, the glomerulus, the bowman capsule, proximal convoluted tubule, loop of henle, distal convoluted tubule, renal cotex, etc. The ureter is also a very important part of the kidney which passes the urine into the bladder before it is released from the body.

The kidney being a delicate organ can be affected with diseases like chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, acute nephritis, polycystic kidney disease, urinary tract infections, uremia, hydronephrosis, kidney cysts, etc.

When your kidney becomes affected, you may experience the following symptoms



1. Difficulty in sleeping.

2. Fatigue and feeling of tiredness all the time.

3. Difficulty to focus and inability to concentrate.

4. Constant dry skin.

5. Less or frequent urination.

6. Blood in urine.

7. Loss of appetite.

8. Experiencing muscle cramps.

9. Swellings in the foot or ankle etc.

Please if you don’t want to be affected and shorten your life span, avoid excessive intake of these things.

1. Excessive intake of painkillers

Taking pain killers according to the prescription of the doctor can help eradicate pains, aches but excess of it can destroy the kidney. Excess of pain killers also cause more damage to an individual suffering from any mild kidney problem. Please if you want to get the best out of pain killers, follow the doctor’s prescription and take it in the moderate amount else you will end up destroying your life.

2. Excessive intake of salt


Sodium has the ability to increase blood pressure hence when you consume excess salt which has a very high quantity of sodium in it, it will increase your blood pressure and then harm the kidney. Salt is also a strong solvent which has the ability to dehydrate the kidney when consumed excessively. Please look for a better supplement for your food and avoid excess salt because it can cause a great harm to your kidney.

3. Excessive intake of meat


Acidosis is a kidney condition which the kidney cannot get rid of acid quickly enough and this disease is caused as a result of excessive consumption of meat. Excessive consumption of animal protein creates a lot of acid in the blood which is very dangerous to the kidney. Protein is very good for the body but please, balances it up with fruits and vegetables and avoid excess of animal protein. The best source of protein is plant protein so substitute it for the animal protein.


4. Excessive intake of sugar


High blood pressure and diabetes are the major causes of kidney diseases and these two and caused as a result of the consumption of excess sugar which thus leads to obesity. Please excess of sugar affects the kidney so avoid it at all cost. Before buying any food stuff from the market, check it very well to avoid buying the one with excess sugar.

5. Excessive drinking of alcohol


Excessive drinking of alcohol increases the risk of developing chronic kidney diseases. Those who drink and smoke excessively have a very high chance of developing kidney problems. Moderate quantity of alcohol when taken helps the body but excess of it is dangerous. The ethanol present in alcohol is not healthy for the kidney so avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

6. Excessive smoking


Smoking in places like America and other countries with low weather condition is for warmth but excessive smoking contributes to kidney problems. In especially the African continent, you will see someone after waking up in the morning light a cigarette and start smoking without taking the breakfast and this is very bad. Smoking does not only affect the lungs but also the kidney. People who regularly smoke do experience protein in their urine and this is a symptom of kidney damage.

7. Sitting for long


Sitting and being dormant for long period of time has recently been linked to some kidney diseases. Although researches don’t know how physical activity affects the kidney health but it has been discovered that regular physical activity helps improve blood pressure and glucose metabolism which both keeps the kidney healthy. So take some time and get involved in at least a mild exercise every day.

Please, the purpose of this article is not to judge you but to help you check some habits that are gradually destroying you without you knowledge. Also take note that all these things in the moderate amount does not affect you but excess of it affects your kidney so be careful about them.



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