Baby Mamas Are Simply Bleached Jezebels Unashamed Of Being Prostitutes – Omokri


Reno Omokri, the former presidential aide to the ex-president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has revealed that he has no sympathy for single mothers who had children outside of wedlock.

Omokri stated in a Twitter post that he only empathizes with single mothers who were either raped or are widowed.

He lamented that single motherhood was fast becoming an epidemic among the black populace that should be addressed immediately.

The social media commentator mentioned that there is no prestige with being a baby mama; a culture that is becoming prevalent amongst Nigerian celebrities.


Here is what he tweeted;

“Except she was raped or widowed, I have zero sympathy for single mothers. The Black world faces a baby mama epidemic.
We must not encourage it, or make celebrities out of bleached, surgically enhanced Jezebels who are unashamed of their whoredom!”



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