BREAKING: Wike Moves To Revoke C-of-O of Atiku’s Intels Company Over Plans To Use The Premises For Campaign

Wike has concluded plans to revoke the C-of-O of Atiku’s Intels company over planned by PDP to use the Intels premises for her presidential campaign. According to information obtained by Ejesgist News, PDP decided to hold its presidential campaign rally on the ground of Intel after Wike denied Atiku access to the stadium.

According to a report made by a Nigerian journalist, Jackson Ude on his official Twitter page, Governor Wike, who is persistent in his efforts to derail Atiku Abubakar’s presidential ambition, intends to cripple the business of the former vice president and obliterate thousands of jobs in Rivers State.

He said: “Gov. Nyesom Wike wants to cripple Atiku Abubakar’s business and render thousands jobless in Rivers as he plans to revoking the C of O of Intels, Monday or Tuesday. PDP planned using Intel’s premises for her presidential campaign rally after Wike had refused the use of the stadium.

Continuing, Ude alleged that “Wike made a U-turn, reapproving the stadium for PDP use. But the intelligence report at the Party’s disposal indicates that the Rivers Governor had planned to attack or kill PDP leaders in the stadium during the campaign rally, and so they decided to use Intel’s property


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