Bride Confuses Many With Her Long Yellow Dress For Her Wedding [VIDEO]

A bride’s dress to her wedding occasion instead of the conventional white dress has got many talking on social media.

Often times than not, couples seek to make big statements at their weddings in either their manner of entrance, attire or pull off something out of the blues.


Bride long yellow dress for her wedding
Bride confuses many with her long yellow dress for her wedding.

A bride dress to her big day left guests stunned and earned her somewhat a standing ovation.

She not only went for an entirely different dress from the popular white gowns but took hers to another level.

The unidentified bride rocked a yellow-styled flowing dress that had to be held up by someone at a distance from her.



In a short video shared by Atinka News on Instagram, the lady, beaming with smile, walked gracefully like she was oblivious of the stares her attire created or that her gown swept the floor.

Social media users noted with surprise how long the bride’s gown was, with some marvelling that the lady probably lacked friends who would have pointed out how weird her dress looked for the occasion.

Watch the video below


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