Wahala As Man Flogged For Buying iPhone 13 With Counterfeit Cash [VIDEO]

A young man wished the earth would open and swallow him after he was caught at circle (Accra) attempting to pay for a new iPhone 13 with counterfeit money

In a video shared on Instagram by Atinka News shows the man who wanted to reap where he didn’t sow sitting on the floor while being surrounded by many people.

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Circle for buying iPhone 13 with counterfeit
Man lashed at Circle for buying iPhone 13 with counterfeit.

He was ordered to hold up the said counterfeit currency notes while being filmed, with a cane-wielding man flogging him intermittently.

Reports indicate that the suspect visited Circle Mall in Ghana and used counterfeit Ghana Cedis to pay for the expensive phone but he was caught before he had the chance to leave with the device.


It is further reported that before he was finally handed over to the police, an unknown number of lashes were inflicted on the young man.

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All his pleas for clemency did not touch the hearts of the angry bystanders at the popular congested area of the national capital notorious for criminal activities.

Watch the video ;


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