Early Morning Habits That Are Killing Your Skin

We all want good looking glowing skin but certain routines are slowly damaging our skin without us realizing. Here is a list of early morning habits that are killing your skin.

1. Skipping breakfast. Whether You have a hectic morning or habit of not having breakfast well that habit is slowly damaging your skin. This the most important meal for the day and for your skin after after long hours of sleep.

2. Drinking too much coffee. Having a nice cup of coffee helps you keep you up on your toes and wakes you up and even helps with your complexion. Coffee unfortunately is a diuretic which means it will make you urinate more and that will dry out you skin and increase your risk of early wrinkling.


3. Getting rid of zits. This is of worst morning habits you can do to your skin as it can cause scarring and inflammation leaving your skin traumatized.

4. Applying sunscreen only when the sun I’d shining. Sun exposure causes ultraviolet radiation which is a primary cause of skin cancer and also causes photo aging and sunburn. Sunscreen will help prevent the radiation from penetrating into your skin.

5. Bathing with warm water more than necessary. A warm shower or bath is soothing but hot water removes the natural oils from your skin leaving your skin dull and dry


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