Edo 2023: Why Umakhihe Is The Right Choice For Governor

Edo State is at a historical juncture that will determine whether we turn our noses up and start on the path of development or whether we retreat. There is no doubt that the majority of Edo people are disappointed with the state of our state. For a state with abundant oil and mineral resources, arable land and one of the best human resources in Nigeria, Edo would certainly not be in the dire situation it is in today..

Edo has oil with more raw materials in clay, limestone, kaolin, silica, tar sand and decorative rocks, which if properly harnessed, would provide job opportunities for our fast growing population and teeming unemployed youths.

So why is a state so blessed with such an array of raw materials, many of which have not been harnessed, be in such a terrible state where there is mass youth unemployment and despair? That is an issue at play here as Edo APC go to the primary to elect its candidate February 17, 2024. It is clear that if we are to change our story from despair to a new era of new economic opportunities, development and growth, Edo APC must elect in a governor that means business. That person is Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe, aspirant of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Dr Afolabi Umakhihe comes with verifiable records of performance as a Permanent secretary in the ministry of Budget and National Planing and Ministry of Agriculture and ruler development . He has distinguished himself excellently at the ministries to the benefit of all Edo. Dr Umakhihe will replicate his endless developmental strides exemplified by the numerous projects he attracted to his Constituency and beyond while serving as permanent secretaries. He will also be bringing his vast experience to bear in the management of the state resources as Governor of Edo state.

Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe is a development-oriented administrator. As Governor, Dr Umakhihe would usher in a new vista of hope and opportunities for Edo. Umakhihe’s emergence will also improve the relationship and enhance synergy between the Federal and Edo State Governments and thereby, attract the needed development currently eluding the hard working and peaceful people of the State.

Another feature is that Dr Ernest Afolabi Umakhihe is a detribalised Deltan whose actions, body language and antecedents are devoid of ethnic sentiments. Rather, he has performed exceedingly well in his duties and has established friendships in various communities, local government areas, senatorial districts across Edo State and beyond. All these are assets that will come handy to Build A New Edo

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