Esan South-East/Esan North-East 2023: Prince Odi Okojie, A Sure Bet

By Godswill Inegbe.

Prince Henry Odianosen Okojie represent a perfect example of a class or quality of a politician, that means different thing to different people. Prince Odi, as he’s fondly called, by his vastly supporters and associates, is a man of high repute, an accomplished entrepreneur, an astute politician, and a loyal party man, whose philanthropic venture resonate in the homes of the vast majority of people of Esanland.

A leader is one, whose personality inspires and connects people of different class or status. A good leader is a beacon of hope for his followers. A good leader is a pathfinder for his supporters and admirers. A good leader helps to realize the dreams and aspirations of the people who he leads. Prince Odi is an embodiment of the aforementioned qualities of a good leader. His life is a success story of leadership by example. His humility, integrity, intelligence, courage, consistency, loyalty to a progressive cause, is what defines his unique personality.

His devotion toward the welfare and wellbeing of the ordinary people in the society, who are not his blood relatives distinguishes him, as someone who will only serves the interests of the people, if he is entrusted with a public office.


Prince Odi is one of the few Real Estate Developers in Nigeria, that’ve paid special attention to human capacity building and youths empowerment. He has helped several youths across Esanland to become financially independent, and assisted many to travel abroad for further studies, whilst, some, for greener pasture.

Prince Odi has redefined politics in Esanland even when he hasn’t occupy any political office. His desire to offer himself for the service of the people of Agbazilo at Federal House of Representatives is one of the great news in 2022. If elected, the people of Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency will certainly be a hub of infrastructural development and human capacity building.

Prince Odi, is a sure bet!
Support and elect him!
You will be glad, you did!


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