Hilarious Moment Man Sees Washing Machine For First Time [VIDEO]

A Nigerian man from Edo State has shared a heartwarming video of the hilarious reaction of his father, on seeing a washing machine in the UK, for the first time.

The father, who had obviously been used to hand laundry, was dazed and fascinated by the machine’s ability to wash clothes automatically.

In the video, the father was seen sitting on the floor, keenly observing the washing machine as it operated, with his face filled with wonder and curiosity.

As seen in the video, he alongside his wife was mesmerized by the machine’s spinning drum and the ease with which it washed the clothes.

The son, who was heard laughing in the background, couldn’t contain his excitement as he watched his parents experience the convenience of modern technology. “My dad don fall my hand!” he exclaimed, laughing on….

Watch video below 👇



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