Nigerian Woman Who Received Divorce Note On Facebook Gives Shocking Reaction

A Germany-based Nigerian woman, Priceless Ora, has broken her silence after her husband, Onojie, announced the end of their marriage on Facebook, saying she owed her children for giving them the wrong father whom she called a goat.

Onojie had cited reasons for ending their marriage and calling off their upcoming wedding, scheduled for October 2024.

Priceless Ora took to her social media page to react to the announcement, making a series of posts that have sparked a mix of reactions online. She alleged that her husband had only married her for a specific document, which she declined to name. Despite having four children together, she expressed regret over marrying him and vowed to prioritize her children’s well-being as a single mother.


In a passionate post, she wrote: “I pray to live long as a single mother than to die in a husband’s house. God give me the power to take care of my children.” She also challenged her estranged husband to reveal the truth about their marriage, saying: “Tell the world what made you put a price on my head. A man who planned to have children for a document, now the document hasn’t come, you’re crying foul. Lucky for the next woman.”

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