How My Sister Was Asked To Forgive, Not Leave Her Marriage After Her Husband DIVORCED Her Following The Death Of Their 3 Children [VIDEO]

A lady has recounted how her parents asked her sister to forgive and not leave her marriage after her husband divorced her following the death of their 3 children.

The lady while speaking at a women’s programme, alleged that her sister was taking care of her husband financially and also he was cheating on her prior to the death of their 3 children. She also said her sister’s mother in-law supported the cheating husband and even arranged a wife for him back in Nigeria because she was tribalistic.

My elder sister was married to a man, she gave everything, she was taking care of him in the US.

HE would collect her money and be going after women, and his mother was in Nigeria supporting and she even arranged a wife for him in Nigeria, because of tribalism.


She lost her 3 children in one day, and my sister almost died, and when she was in the hospital crying and fighting for her life… he served her divorce papers.

Today he is married, and my parents told her to FORGIVE HIM and not leave her marriage, how is that possible ? How do you hold on to someone who has left ?

See full video below ;



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