PDP Crisis Deepens As Okonkwo Faults Anambra Primaries


One of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirants in Anambra Dr Obiora Okonkwo has faulted the primaries election.

Okonkwo, in a statement on Tuesday, alleged there were discrepancies in the primary as the super list used by the National Working Committee (NWC) was changed at will without any explanation, while many statutory delegates were dropped.

The party held two parallel primaries on June 26, which produced two candidates, Mr Valentine Ozigbo and Dr Ugochukwu Uba.

Okonkwo said: “From the result announced by the Committee, it is obvious that the outcome of that exercise did not reflect your wishes and desires.

“Obviously, there were a number of serious issues and irregularities regarding the primary election and in the process disenfranchised its statutory delegates who are the souls of PDP in Anambra state and who have been working.

“However, there was a court judgement and order validating the Ndubuisi Nwobu-led executive which the party ought to have upheld and respected as the first in time.

“The National Working Committee of the Party decided, at the last minute to limit the voting to a small number of super delegates. Even with that, the list of the super delegates kept changing such that voting was unduly delayed after the first round of accreditation where 179 super delegates had been accredited.


“There were no explanations on why this should happen. The second round of accreditation, done after the list had been changed again and many super delegates removed from the initial list, and many new ones added, turned in 218 super delegates.

“Again, there were no explanations about the increase. There also were no explanations of the criteria used to exclude some hitherto approved super delegates while adding new ones, some of who are not eligible under the party’s constitution. This prompted my question on the discrepancy which is yet to be answered.”

The Chairman of the United Nigeria Airlines urged his supporters to remain calm while they await answers and clarifications to their questions from PDP on the primary election, adding that God had the final say.



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