JUST IN: Several Dead As Unknown Gunmen Attack Anambra Nightclub


A night club in Oba, Anambra state, Porsche, was reportedly attacked by unknown gunmen, resulting in tragic fatalities on Sunday night.

According to Dailypost, the gunmen targeted the nightclub intending to abduct the owner.

However, security personnel stationed at the club vehemently resisted the assailants’ attempt to seize the owner, leading to a confrontation.

In response to the resistance, the gunmen unleashed a barrage of gunfire indiscriminately within the premises, leading to the loss of multiple lives.

Tragically, amidst the chaos, it is reported that one of the club’s security personnel who valiantly tried to thwart the abduction was brutally killed.

Chukwuemeka Ezefunamba, a source familiar with the incident, recounted the harrowing events, mentioning the gunmen’s initial intention to abduct the club owner and the subsequent violence that erupted when met with resistance.

“As a result of the resistance, the gunmen started shooting sporadically, killing many people in the process.

“They also beheaded one of the security men who resisted them from taking the owner of the nightclub,” he said.

While the Anambra State Police Command has not officially confirmed the incident, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, the spokesperson, acknowledged the reports and pledged to launch an investigation to ascertain the accuracy and details of the distressing event.

This distressing occurrence follows a prior attack on another prominent figure, Akwa Okuko, a respected spiritualist and nightclub owner in the same community.

Okuko was previously targeted and, in a statement later made, confessed to surrendering himself to prevent potential collateral damage. Unverified reports suggested a substantial ransom, rumoured to be over N400 million, was paid for his release.


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