Oando Buys 50 New Electric Buses, Backs FG’s Initiative

Oando Clean Energy, the renewable energy division of Oando Energy Resources, has revealed the procurement and deployment of 50 new electric buses.

In a statement released on Sunday, the firm emphasized this expansion as a testament to its dedication to supporting the Federal Government’s initiatives for cleaner transportation solutions.

Announced during the Conference of the Parties (COP28) event in Dubai, this recent development builds upon Oando Clean Energy’s earlier commitment to providing 50 electric buses to Lagos State.

With this addition, the company’s contribution to the total fleet now stands at 100 electric buses, marking a significant leap forward in promoting environmentally friendly transportation practices across the nation.

The statement noted that the announcement followed the company’s sustainable transport initiative launched on May 24, 2023, adding that it was marked by a Proof-of-Concept collaboration with Lagos State through the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority.

At a side event in the Nigeria pavilion, the company’s Executive Vice President, Ademola Ogunbanjo, spoke of the successful completion of the 90-day Proof-of-Concept phase.

He said, “During the PoC, we rolled out two electric mass transit buses, and they ploughed four routes covering over 43,800 kilometres, carrying over 73,000 passengers, saving bus operators 21,000 litres of diesel and mitigating 57.8 tons in CO2 emissions within the state.

According to him, the company’s sustainable transport initiative is now being progressed to a pilot phase of 50 buses and 2,000 buses at full rollout for Lagos State.

Ogunbanjo noted, “On the back of the successful PoC and deliberations with several State Governments, OCEL will match the Federal Government’s commitment of 100 electric buses towards reducing the country’s carbon emissions.


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