Lady Shares How She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Because Of An ‘Overbearing’ Mom


A lady has shared a story on how she broke up with her ex-boyfriend because of his overbearing mom, who had a huge dislike for Enugu ladies.

Taking to Twitter, the lady who seems to be an indigene of Enugu state, narrated how she walked into her ex’s mom telling her son in a native dialect that it seems he has been caught by the charms of Enugu ladies. On hearing this, she had to end the relationship at once, hence she was not ready to oppose her ex’s mom’s decision.


In her words:

“I walked in on my ex’s mom telling her son , odi ka ogwu ndi Enugu state atugo gi? I immediately knew that was the end for us. He did literally everything to salvage that situation but i can’t fight an overbearing mom who already wanted an Anambra wife for her son.“

See the tweet below:



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